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The Business of Celebrity



Celebrity Studies

The Business of Celebrity presents itself as ‘the first rigorous explanation of celebrity’ on the book blurb – an impressive claim, albeit one that could be considered mildly insulting to any number of authors who have been writing such critiques for years. The book covers an impressive range of topics and celebrities, ranging from Jeff Koons to Tom Hanks to Miley Cyrus to Jade Goody with many others in between – although it is largely US-centric in scope (via a couple of quick diversions to Bollywood and the UK). The book breezes through the roles of celebrity publicists, the geography of Las Vegas, the roles of social media, reality television, press coverage and much more with breath- taking speed – this is not a book where you have much time to be bored.

The book’s sheer number of topics, however, means that the structure feels somewhat erratic in places – it is not entirely clear what the reader is meant to take from the book or why all these particular examples have been used – and herein lies the biggest problem. Starstruck is a book that seems to be aimed at a mainstream audience, but that also wants to demonstrate its academic credentials. This is a laudable aim, but it does not always make for a convincing read.

Currid-Halkett is clearly well-versed in the practices and networks of the fame industry. Starstruck happily moves between discussions of mega-stars, microcelebrities and managers with ease, introducing names you may never have heard of while also offering comment on those you cannot avoid. The book is at its best when discussing the way celebrity operates in terms of networks, locations and business practices, offering a combination of graphs, statistics and stories as examples to help the reader situate the discussion.

Some chapters appear to be well researched, presenting ethnographic data, interview material and references to a number of sources. The more successful of these draw upon Currid-Halkett’s disciplinary background in geography and economics. The most inter- esting and in-depth chapter (Chapter Six) looks at the geography of stardom within Las Vegas – and beyond, to Los Angeles, to New York and a quick trip to London’s South Bank. Here, the book successfully blends anecdotes with analysis; research with rhetoric. It is a very readable and enjoyable account of a ‘geography of stardom’ (p. 118) that offers a new and fascinating perspective on star studies.

In this chapter, as well as providing a contextual overview of key sites, Currid-Halkett and her colleague Sarah Williams map the locations of thousands of photographs taken by Getty Images to identify whether or not there were patterns to which stars were snapped where, and deduce:

First, there are a finite number of places where celebrities are photographed. Second, there is nothing random about where these photos are taken […] Further, no-one in the celebrity world is acting on his or her own […] All the celebrity moments in fashion, film, music and art occur in the same places and all these places are piled up against one another. (p. 124)

Downloaded by [Sheffield Hallam University] at 06:31 20 November 2015

Work like this really enriches the discipline of celebrity/star studies by giving it a sometimes-overlooked geographical perspective. Considering the different locations where stars live and work and the relationship between place and star image is a fascinating angle, and one that could easily be extended to other geographical sites of fame around the world.

While this was, for me, the standout chapter, it is by no means the only one worth reading – I also very much enjoyed the following chapter on ‘the economics of the celebrity residual’, covering issues of commerce, branding and economics and drawing on wide-ranging examples of celebrity, from artists to sports stars.

However, although there are some great chapters here with a lot to contribute to our understanding of celebrity, others feel very ‘light’ and based on seemingly little more than the author’s personal preferences. One section in Chapter Two comparing Paris Hilton and Tara Reid feels very unconvincing and appears to be based largely on the author’s personal opinions of the two – and the two women seem a curious choice for comparison in the first place. It is also unclear how Currid-Halkett has allocated particular names to the ‘A-List’ or ‘C-List’. Commentary on stars’ ‘talent’, ‘star power’, looks and charisma are presented throughout as if such things were objective and collectively agreed upon: ‘One might say that Kelly Clarkson is more extraordinary than ordinary, and she’s got infinitely more star power than Jade Goody’ (p. 197).

The bibliography presents a wide range of sources, from academics, journalists and commentators in a number of fields. However, there are some key names in the celebrity studies field who are curiously absent. While Graeme Turner and P. David Marshall are present and correct, the likes of Richard Dyer, Chris Rojek, Su Holmes, Sean Redmond and Ellis Cashmore are nowhere to be found – despite the book claiming to be ‘a critical analysis of celebrity’ (p. 212). This lack of engagement with significant figures from celebrity and star studies perhaps reflects the author’s disciplinary background, but it is unfortunate that a book presenting itself as a rigorous examination of celebrity and stardom should exclude reference to some of the most important previous examinations.

The tone of the book is light and engaging in places, and presented with humour – although Currid-Halkett has an unfortunate tendency to over-use clichés such as ‘at the end of the day’, ‘the event was swarming’ and ‘birds of a feather’. There are several references to the author’s own life and experiences, beginning from the first page where she discusses her acquaintance with ‘M’ who ‘works in media’ – this, in itself, is not a problem: I am all for authors putting themselves into a text. However, it would have been nice for Currid-Halkett to provide us with some sort of context for these anecdotes and understand their importance for what she is trying to say – otherwise it comes across a little as bragging about famous contacts rather than the author situating herself clearly as someone who is fascinated by, and embedded in, the culture she is commenting on.

Although I would argue that Starstruck does not entirely succeed in being both academically rigorous and accessible to a wider audience, it certainly has a good go at it and is a readable, if problematic, account of several aspects of celebrity. This book offers a challenge for those of us engaged in celebrity studies to consider how we communicate, to whom, and how to present our research in more appealing ways.

To cite this article: Ruth Deller (2015) Starstruck: The Business of Celebrity, by Elizabeth Currid-Halkett, Faber and Faber, 2010, Celebrity Studies, 6:1, 140-142, DOI: 10.1080/19392397.2015.995899

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Barron Trump looked taller than any time in recent memory when imagined with his folks touching base at the White House, to the point where he made them look short. The First Son is just 13 years of age.

Barron Trump is developing like a weed! The most youthful child of President Donald Trump, whom he imparts to his better half, First Lady Melania Trump, is presently overshadowing his folks. Furthermore, Barron is just 13 years of age. It’s sort of insane how quick he’s developed, and how tall he is currently, thinking about his folks’ statures. The president remains at 6′3″, and Melania, a previous design model, is 5′11″. In a pic of the principal family leaving Marine One at the White House, which you can see beneath, she’s likewise wearing high as can be, flower Christian Louboutin stilettos. Barron’s simply wearing a couple of Nikes.

The group of three. just as Barron’s grandparents on his mom’s side.

Amalija and Viktor Knavs, touched base at the White House on Sunday, August 18 in the wake of going through 10 days at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster.New Jersey. That carries the president to 223 days of his 940 days in office at one of the 17 Trump-possessed golf clubs, however, we diverge. Seeing Melania beside her child on the South Lawn of the White House may put to rest the bits of gossip that she has a body twofold. The fear inspired notion began picking up footing again in March 2019, when she looked inches shorter than Barron while wearing shoes, instead of her mark impact points.

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The whole family went to England in June 2019 for a state visit with Queen Elizabeth II. Aside from the high schooler. What’s more, quickly a short time later. he was missing when his kin Ivanka, Donald, Eric, and Tiffany Trump,

bolstered their father at a re-appointment battle rally in Orlando, Florida.

At the rate that he’s developing. whenever we see Barron in one of his uncommon, open appearances he’ll be nearing seven feet!

The brand name that feeds Trump’s rage: ‘Supremacist, extremist, supremacist

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wentworth miller

The Internet has made images for some, a superstar including Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves, and Jennifer Lawrence, which can be happy thus diverting that even the big name subject supports. Yet, at times the Internet crosses a line in its endeavor to discover mind by Photoshopping some big-name picture. Such was the situation on Monday when Prison Break star Wentworth Miller got himself the subject of one such image, which appeared to be more straight-up body-disgracing than great energetic goofing. Bravely, the entertainer took to his Facebook account on Monday to pen a blunt reaction to the unfeeling image.

To start with, the image, which has since been brought somewhere around the first record that posted it—@TheLadBible:

Beneath, read Wentworth Miller’s message in full:

Today I got myself the subject of an Internet image. Not just because.

This one, in any case, stands out from the rest.

In 2010, semi-resigned from acting, I was staying under the radar for various reasons.


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